Advice & Tips

Boots in the right size

It is important that the foot fits in the ski boot. To small shoes, and then it's cold. Too big shoes, then it becomes difficult to control the skies .We help you find the correct boot for your feet's, here we have a lot of experience and tips. You can obviously change shoes during the rental period if you want.

Not sure on shoes size when booking?

We help you find the right shoe when you pick up the equipment. We have extensive experience with this, we have a goal that no one should need to change shoes during the rental period.

Not sure on shoes sizes for the children?

We help you to find the correct boots for the youngest; we have lots of experience finding the right boots for children.

Start with and find shoes for the children when you rent.

Only one ski stocking

with a thin stocking circulates the air better round foot, air insulates from the cold

Get booked equipment from 14.00 the day before.

Make the most of the rental period; you can get the equipment the day before from 14.00

Sundays we are open until 20.00 for disposal of equipment

Tlf 32 05 99 99